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How can K-Taping improve my life?

K-Taping is a holistic approach to pain relief which can be used for a wide variety of clinical conditions, such as: back problems, muscle tension, joint instabilities or disc problems. K-Taping works in two ways. First, K-Taping stimulates the skin receptors in the affected areas, alleviating the brain’s perception of pain in that area. Second, it raises the skin and tissues allowing for open blood flow and circulation in the area. When applied by a trained practitioner K-Taping can be a highly effective approach to pain relief.

K-Tape is a specially designed elastic tape that does not contain any pharmaceutically active or adhesive ingredients. It maintains full effectiveness under water, during sports or various working conditions. K-Tape is well established in the world of professional and competitive sports as both a preventative measure and to alleviate pain during sports.

K-Taping has been an established practice in Germany for several years and has made its way into modern therapeutic treatments. Due to its great results and its ability to perform in any environment K-Taping has gained significant popularity around the world. Be sure to ask your physiotherapist if K-Taping is right for you!

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